About Ars Sutoria School

Ars Sutoria School has been organising courses in the field of shoes and bags since 1947.

At that time courses were organised only in Italy and they were intended to train footwear pattern makers of the factories located in the area of Milan

In 1965 the school moved the classes to the building where we still organise courses. The building is located close to the center town of Milan and it isequipped with both classes and a school dormitory for the accomodation of the students

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Thanks to the location of the school in the center town of such a fashion capital as Milan,Ars Sutoria School has been enrolling international students from the very beginning. Along the years we have trained professionals that now work in leading footwear and bags companies and also few designers   

Language spoken is english and the environment is 100% international



Courses in Milan
Classes in Milan are still our most important activity

Profile and background of the students have changed along the years: we keep on training pattern makers and technical developers but now a significative part of our students have a design background and few of them – usually second or third generation of enterpreneurs – have business administration degrees

Reasons for choosing our courses are:

  • we still focus on the technical development of shoes and bags which is a fundamental background for those that work in this fields
  • Courses are short term (maximum 15 weeks) full time intensive 
  • environment is international and language spoken is english
  • students do not need a specific background to attend classes even if courses are masters level 

Currently we have students coming from Italy, United States, Germany, Spain, Hong Kong and China, India… Listen to some of the alumni impressions

International Courses
In the past 5 years wehave developed training classes in different countries, usually with the support of local institutions
Currently we organise classes in:

  • Boston and New York in the States
  • Leon in Mexico
  • China
  • India
  • Thailand
  • Japan
  • Singapore
  • Colombia

If you wish to have more information on international classes please contact international@arssutoria.com

In house training 
During these last five years we have also organised in house classes for internationally renowned companies such as Bata, Nine West, Brown Shoe, Timberland, Deckers, Nike, New Balance, Aldo, LVMH. In house classes are fully customised and they have been developed together with customers

If you wish to have more information on in house trainign please contact inhouse@arssutoria.com

A tribute to Prof. Lunati

Prof. Adriano Lunati
Adriano Lunati was born on 27th April 1924 at Castel San Pietro di Camino in Piedmont. He grew up in difficult years, hard, especially for mountain villages like his, where hunger was a crude reality with which people had to live. His shoemaker father decided to make him to study at the Salesian school, where he obtained a diploma learning the shoemaking trade. At the end of the Second World War he worked in one of the footwear factories in Casale as a cutter until, in ‘48, he met Giuseppe Muggiani, founder of the Ars Sutoria Editorial Group and School, and moved to Milan as a teacher. After that he trained generations and generations of pattern-makers (among which Pfister, Magli, Rossetti, Sara Navarro, Artioli, Lattuada, Banfi ) and for 53 years he designed and created a incalculable number of shoes. During his extremely long career he received many awards including a Knighthood in 1980, the Parma “Trincetto d’Oro” and the Solidarity at Work award in Vigevano in 1997.

Here are just some of the remembrances of professor Lunati that have appeared on his Facebook page since the news of his death:

Lisa Cronin-Arida
Professor Lunati, you were one of the greatest Professors I have ever had! You taught me so much and your passion was infectious. You will be dearly, dearly missed. May God Bless you and keep you in his care. Please continue to inspire all of us shoe designers from heaven. I will never, ever forget you announcing in class that I would be a great shoe designer!!!!!!!
Thank you for everything!

Ana Caroline Volk
Ciao mio caríssimo maestro!!! Va in pace, starai sempre en mio cuore.

Eustace Curt Robinson
To the Memory of the Greatest Shoe Stilista bar Non!!! Don’t make Moses shoes too tight.. and Jesus likes his simple not too flashy.. You will always be in My Heart and I always look at the Drawing you gave me as your student…. Words can not say, what’s truly on my heart. But I am smiling because like your many many many other students… You gave US a PART of yourself… You will always LIVE in US… God Bless…. Ciao El Primo until we meet again and Talk Scarpe

Marco Rizzo
Ci ha lasciato un grand’uomo, grande perché è riuscito a dare un gran sostegno nella calzatura e trasmettilo a molti di noi. Rimarrà nel mio cuore come esempio di persona da seguire come si dice dei grandi maestri e lui lo è stato. Grazie maestro e buon riposo

Henry Wu
Dear Mr.Lunati. I’m Henry I was a student of Ars Sutoria, even though that I have never met u before but I been heard a lot about u from Robi and Richard. Dear God, please lead Mr.Lunati to heaven and joy without pain and sadness

Giuseppe Luongo
Sono molto dispiaciuto della triste notizia mi unisco al dolore della famiglia per la perdita dell’ineguagliabile Maestro, fortunato di essere stato uno dei suoi ultimi allievi. Maestro sarà sempre vivo nei miei ricordi grazie per i suoi incoraggiamenti e le lezioni di vita!!!