footwear courses

shoe design and shoe making courses

We cover all those different topics that are relevant in a shoe company. Everything starts from the last which is the most important tool in both shoe design and shoe making. it is also very important to understand the different constructions that mean those many ways in which the upper part of the shoe is assembled to the bottom.
We have a fully equipped laboratory where students can get a detailed knowledge of the use of the materials. Pattern making is the engineering of the shoes but then you have also to understand how to design and engineer soles, heels and the many components of the bottom of the shoe.
Costing is then the final re-cap of the entire process.


bags courses

bag design and bag making courses

There are many different styles and constructions of bags. Our courses starts from a general knowledge of those constructions that are more used in the industry.
In bag making proportions and dimensions are extremely relevant and students need to understand all basic techniques to assemble a bag. Materials are fundamental: not only those used for the external part, for the linings and for pockets but also reinforcements, metal hardwares such as frames and ornaments. Real scale sketching is fundamental as being able to put together a sample of your creative idea.
At the end of the courses students will bring home a complete bag and not only designs



We believe it is important to keep our courses focused on products. Along the years our core courses have always been the technical classes. Today we organize design and marketing classes too but we strongly believe that everything starts from a deep knowledge of [...]



Our target students cannot spend years at school. Most of our students have already a working experience or they have graduated in our schools. Mainly they come from fashion design, industrial design and business administration. We offer courses with a maximum duration of three months [...]



Most of our teachers come from Italy but not only. We welcome professionals from all over the world and the same for students.
We make our best to speak english during the entire course because our industries are fully globalized [...]


courses in the us

courses in the us

we offer one-week courses in New York City and Boston, for footwear professionals with at least three years of experience in the field


ars sutoria elearning

e-learning program

Ars Sutoria School launched an e-learning platform, to attend short courses on shoemaking online


one week courses

one week courses shoes and bags

if your available time is limited, we offer intensive one week course in Milan, on shoe making, bag making and shoe and bag sketching


technical partners

Ars Sutoria School teachers would like to express their gratitude to the following companies for their support to our courses. Click on the company logo to discover more on the materials that our technical partners supply to our students in order to upgrade their learning experience

reinforcing fabrics for shoes and bags


Footwear Mould Architects

CLIC srl

Metal fittings for leathergoods

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